Final Assignment for In-person Adventurers

Workshop Location: 
Workshop Year: 

Use these guiding questions to develop your classroom implementation "proposal"- Due Monday, July 31


  • What lessons from the week could you incorporate into your classroom? How do you plan to accomplish this?
  • What materials would you need?
  • Who could help you? (Guest speakers from the week, other teachers at your school, your administration)
  • Number of students, time of year
  • What were some new things you learned this week?
  • Based on the lessons throughout the workshop, how would you teach your students about social ecological systems?
  • Which theme(s) of the week were the most applicable to your classroom? (Habitat restoration, mining, timber, fire management, cutthroat trout, water quality, indigenous knowledge, stormwater, etc.)
  • How can you incorporate more place-based lessons into your curriculum?

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