Pre-Workshop Tasks for Thursday and Welcome to Pocatello Adventure Learning 2017!

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Hello Pocatello Adventure Learning Participants!

We are excited to have you here (or on the computer) and learning about this place and social ecological systems! Before the week starts we have a few things to go over. On-line (Digi) learners are expected to do two hours of work during the days. The work can be done whenever the Digi learner feels it is appropriate. They can view and comment on blog posts done by both the Digi learners and the On-site learners. Additionally, they can post their own blog posts in relation to what the On-site learners did during the day. On-site learners will be working with us during the day, exploring the social ecological systems around the area. They will make blog posts about the content of the day. Both groups can and are encouraged to collaborate and communicate through the blog during, before and beyond the adventure learning week. Assignments will be answered in blog posts. To get to the blog go to the adventure learning website and click blog at the top of the page. Make sure that the location is Pocatello and the year is 2017 on your blog posts.

Step 1

Login to the adventure learning site and create your profile by adding a photo and writing a brief bio. In your bio please include where you are from, your job, your hobbies, favorite place in Idaho, and any other information you would like to share about yourself.  For an example of a biography look at the staff Bios under the “participants” section. 

Step 2

Create an iNaturalist account and download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone or device. For help on how to create an iNaturalist account use the following link:

For information on what iNaturalist is follow this link:

Step 3

Visit the Managing Idaho’s Landscapes for Ecosystem Services (MILES) website:

Look at some of the different projects MILES is involved in! Watch some of the following videos found on Idaho Public Television about the Portneuf River, Citizen Science, and other MILES projects:

Portneuf’s Future: Time: 3:54 min

Eagles and Off Roaders: Time 6:08 min

Citizen Scientists: Time 3:47 min

Water & Growth: Time: 4:09 min

Marsh Creek Mud Mystery: Time: 6:27 min

Step 4

Create a blog post detailing work that MILES is doing that you think will have the biggest impact on the future of Idaho. Use information from the website or the videos.