(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Post-Workshop Survey

Hello Digi-Learners!

As we wrap up the week, here is the post-survey that you will need to complete in order for me to issue your payment.  Please complete this by Monday, July 17.


Thank you!


(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Pre-workshop tasks 2017 Boise Adventure Learning

Hello Digi-learners!  Please read through this document for any information you might need leading up to our workshop beginning on Monday.

Thanks, Mary

File Pre-workshop tasks.docx

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Digi-Learner Reminders

Hello Digi-Learners!

Just a reminder that you may post resources to the Resources Tab on this web site in lieu of posting a blog to meet your five-post requirement for this week.

Additionally, if you are taking the course for credit, you'll need to complete a lesson plan by Sunday, July 23.  The attached template should be used for your lesson plan.  The rubric is attached so you... more

Microsoft Office document icon LessonPlanTemplate.doc

Microsoft Office document icon Lesson Plan Rubric.doc

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Boise Workshop Agenda

Hello Boise Adventure Learning team!

I'm looking forward to exploring the Boise River watershed with you all in-person and on-line!  Attached you'll find the agenda for the in-person adventurers.  Digi-learners may want to note the times we have set aside for blogging.  

Look for more resources being posted to this web site throughout the week!

Cheers!  Cindy

File Agenda 2017 for teachers.docx

(Coeur d'Alene)  Final Assignment for In-person Adventurers

Use these guiding questions to develop your classroom implementation "proposal"- Due Monday, July 31


  • What lessons from the week could you incorporate into your classroom? How do you plan to accomplish this?
  • What materials would you need?
  • Who could help you? (Guest speakers from the week, other teachers at your school, your administration... more

(Coeur d'Alene)  Health of Our Lakes Video

Idaho Public TV spotlight on lakes in the Coeur d'Alene watershed. This video will really help frame the issues we'll be studying. It's 30 minutes long, but DEFINITELY worth watching!

Health of Our Lakes

(Coeur d'Alene)  What are Ecosystem Services?

Please watch these videos Monday!

What are Ecosystem Services?
Ecosystem Services in Idaho

(Pocatello)  Final Workshop Assignment DUE June 16

Attached is a word document with the Final Workshop Assignment.  You can use the file, but PLEASE SAVE with this name:  yournameAL2017assignment  (for example: SmithAL2017assignment).

You can start working on the assignment today, and submit your final version by Friday June 16.  We need to have your completed assignment before we can provide the CE credits and the stipend.

 ... more

File Pocatello AL Final Assignment 2017.docx

(Pocatello)  Pre-Workshop tasks for Friday

Step 1

Become familiar with the term “ecosystem services. Follow the link for information and check out the attached infographic made by Laura Flanagan: more

PDF icon DigiStory.PRE_.Workshop2017.pdf

PDF icon Ecosystem services Flanagan.pdf

(Pocatello)  Pre-Workshop Tasks for Thursday and Welcome to Pocatello Adventure Learning 2017!

Hello Pocatello Adventure Learning Participants!

We are excited to have you here (or on the computer) and learning about this place and social ecological systems! Before the week starts we have a few things to go over. On-line (Digi) learners are expected to do two hours of work during the days. The work can be done whenever the Digi learner feels it is appropriate. They can view and... more