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(Boise - Treasure Valley)  The Story of Drinking Water

Added by: Cindy Busche

The Story of Drinking Water treatment process hand-out by AWWA scanned from a booklet.  Original PDF can be found by google searching the document title.

PDF icon TheStoryOfDrinkingWater.pdf
CDC Drinking Water Resources
Idaho DEQ drinking water FAQ's

Resource type: Fact Sheets / Handouts

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Grants for Teachers for field trips and resources

Added by: Cindy Busche

A short list of grant opportunities for field trips and classroom resources

File Grants for teachers.docx

Resource type: Opportunities

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Web Resources and Apps

Added by: Cindy Busche

Web Resources and Apps related to the Adventure Learning topics.

File Web Resources and Apps.docx

Resource type: Other

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Socio-ecological mind map examples

Added by: Cindy Busche

Here are examples that Mary Lugg presented of socio-ecological mind maps that could be created by students.

PDF icon socio-ecological mind map middle school (2).pdf

Resource type: Notes

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Pollinator resources

Added by: Cindy Busche

Pollinator resources: identification chart and Pollinator syndromes provided by BLM Botanist Holly Hovis

PDF icon Pollinator identification chart.pdf

Resource type: Fact Sheets / Handouts

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  The Biology and Apiculture of Honey Bees: Adaptable Science Curriculum

Added by: Erin Tiderman

This is a great resource that focuses on the Biology and Apiculture of Bees. The curriculum examines the anatomy, physiology, and behavior of honey bees. It includes extensive reading dealing with the history of beekeeping. Agricultural activities with honey bees include:  data collection and journaling, processing honey, extracting wax, and developing bee products. Inquiry and discussion with apiarists, entomologists, and audio and visual lectures and field trips are sources of additional information. A research paper, power-point presentation, or movie will be made by the student to demonstrate their accumulated knowledge as well as products from the hive.

Here is the link:


Resource type: Ideas for Activities

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Exploring the "Systems" in Ecosystems

Added by: Todd Thompson

Lesson idea for teachers introducing 6-8 grade students to ecosystems. Teachers can substitute some of the Yellowstone resources with those from Idaho. 

Exploring the "Systems" in Ecosystems

Resource type: Other

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Presenter Contact Information

Added by: Cindy Busche

A compilation of presenter contact information from Boise Adventure Learning 2017

Microsoft Office document icon Contact Information 2017.doc

Resource type: Contacts / Events, Other

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Management Planning Presentation

Added by: Cindy Busche

Presentation by Susan Kain, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Services Manager.  The presentation covers how the Lake Lowell Comprehensive Management Plan was developed for multiple uses.

PDF icon Deer Flat NWR.pdf

Resource type: Presentations

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Idaho Supreme Court Cases regarding Cottonwood Creek

Added by: Cindy Busche

From Trout Unlimited: two Idaho Supreme Court cases that discuss the history of Cottonwood Creek flooding and the reasons for construction of the flume.

PDF icon 170710 Willson v Boise City.pdf

Resource type: Other