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Teachers work in collaboration with University of Idaho researchers and other government agencies to explore water quality topics in the Coeur d'Alene watershed. Through a variety of presentations and outdoor activites, teachers explore their roles in social-ecological systems (SES) and develop ideas for educating their students on important SES issues.

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The Big Picture

Loy Felix • Jun 23, 2017

Today was the culmination of this week's place-based learning. Through the week we looked at the effects logging, mining, management of storm water drainage and recreation have had on the Coeur d'Alene water basin. We also looked at programs designed to remove the source of the problems that... more

The Urban Watershed: my favorite people in some favorite places

Jamie Esler • Jun 23, 2017


The final day of our workshop took place in the "Urban Watershed" of Coeur d'alene and Lake CDA.  From paddling, to storm water drain stenciling, to ROV water quality testing opportunities, to learning about water-wise vetetable gardening and landscaping, today was PACKED with ways we... more

Mining reclamation and the Pulaski Trail

Birgid Niedenzu • Jun 23, 2017

Late blog entry for Tuesday's mining district tour in and around Wallace, as well as the historic Pulaski Trail.

Snorkeling as a survey method

Kim Portwood • Jun 23, 2017

There were 6 of us that went snorkeling in the river looking for trout.  First of all, that water is just as cold as I imagined it would be.  The way to find trout is to start downstream of a calmer, deeper area of the river and slowly make your way upstream by grasping rocks and pulling... more

Friday- What we're up to and your final assignment

Marie Pengilly • Jun 23, 2017

Happy Friday, digi-adventurers!

Today we’ll be staying in Coeur d’Alene covering urban water issues. We’ll start the morning talking about stormwater and stenciling storm drains. (Have you tried incorporating any service learning projects in your classrooms? Do you think it increases... more


Water Test Kit Supplies

File AL Water Quality Equipment.docx

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Added by: Marie Pengilly

Here's the list of supplies we normally include in a water quality kit- this can be adapted however you like! Contact Marie for more information if you'd like to use your classrrom supply money for a kit.

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Contact List

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Added by: Marie Pengilly

Here's a list of contact info!

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Living with Lead: An Environmental History of Idaho's Coeur D'Alenes 1885-2100

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Added by: Christine Sandahl

This paper is a dissertation by Bradley Snow.  The table of contents helps the reader find specific sites that were researched.

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The Confluence Project Curriculum

TCP Curriculum on Google Drive
PDF icon TCP Curriculum Overview.pdf

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Added by: Marie Pengilly

The Confluence Project Curriculum was written by University of Idaho graduate students and regional high school teachers. The aim of The Confluence Project is to support middle and high school teachers in providing their students with hands-on, place-based educational experiences. The attached pdf is an overview of available lessons and the full set of curriculum is available on Google Drive via the link provided. Feel free to use these lessons as they fit into your syllabus. For support in setting up field trips throughout the school year, contact me or any of the potential collaborators listed in each section.

Because these files are shared widely over Google Drive and changing the files in the shared folder will affect others, please copy and paste them into your private Drive for personal use. Thanks!


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Water Quality Field Trip Guide

File WQ Water Quality Field Experience Planning and Instruction.docx

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Added by: Marie Pengilly

The Confluence Project Water Quality Field Experience Guide. Includes potential collaborators, alignment with standards, and data sheets. Contact Marie for more info!

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