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This page contains lesson plans for various subjects and grade levels. Some of these lesson plans were developed as a result of an Idaho Adventure Learning workshop, while others are from external sources. Use the widgets to the right (or at bottom of this page, for smaller devices) to filter the list of lesson plans.


(Pocatello)  Watershed Intro and Tour Slides

Topic: Water Flow & Energy, Water Quantity/BudgetFile Watershed_HUC_tour.pptx
File Watershed pictures.pptx

Added by: Matt P

These are two very simple files of photos.  Both of these files are Moscow / Palouse specific, however, they should give you an idea of what I try to do when laying the foundations to the bigger picture of your place in the water budget. 

"water shed pictures" are the slides I use when I introduce watersheds on a global to local level and HUC numbers.

"watershed huc tour" are the slides I use for the watershed tour.