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Ashlee Kolar • Jul 15, 2017

I knew when I joined this year that the idea of integrating this into my job would be a bit different and probably difficult due to the fact that I no longer teach in a classroom. I feel the benefit for me is to add these resources into our Content Development Team Resources so that when we have teams building/writing courses for online they can incorporate said resources. I look forward to collaborating with the teachers who work for Idaho Digital Learning to do this!


Luke Kolar • Jul 15, 2017


When reflecting on how to apply everything I've read and learned this week my mind goes to chemistry and energy.  Both are units i teach in physical science and it seems that the content covered this meek naturally fits in these realms.


For energy my initial plan is to integrate the hydro power we utilize and build a research project that is over the energy sources of the region.

For chemistry, I'm thinking a water quality assessment using water samples from all over the water shed. This can be combined with a short unit on GIS or something that is cross... more

Integrating into the classroom

Kristine Kempthorne • Jul 14, 2017

This has been an eye opening experience. There are so many things that I have learned and/or didnt really consider before, such as the watershed and the ecosystem. I can not wait to incorporate all that I have learned into the classroom. My students will love it and they will be surprised at all of the water sources there really are and all of the uses that they use every day that they never thought about and where it comes from. Same thing with the climate change and all of the changes that have come with it and how it affects them.

Great example of Ecosystem Services in the News

Angela Becker • Jul 14, 2017

Wanted to share in case you missed it!

Add Some Adventure

Brian Zuber • Jul 14, 2017

Both last year and this year, there are tons of takeaways and good ideas to bring to our classrooms through the MILES Adventure workshops, I'm so glad for this program! For me, there are two major takeaways, the first is to add a little adventure into the classroom! Take the kids outside when you can, work hard to schedule a few extra field trips to a natural site, invite some fun guest speakers to class, and maybe start an after-school adventure club with enrichment activities that tie back to content in several of the students' classes.

Another important takeaway, is to frame my... more

MILES Importance*

Maddie Pacold • Jul 14, 2017

I think the most important work MILES is doing is partnering with educators to spread the word about their research. After witnessing what you all did this week during your adventure learning workshop it is clear that you all are now more passionate and educated about our environment here in Idaho and all the ecosystem services it provides. When MILES takes the time to teach educators it creates a ripple effect. It is clear that this program directly impacts students in Idaho and makes them more educated about our amazing landscape. These teachers who attend these workshops are educating... more