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Adventure Learning youtube channel

Mary Lugg • Jul 14, 2017

I can't believe the week is already over!!!  Thank you so much to all of the in-person and on-line learners for showing up and striving to make this workshop meaningful. It was such a joy meeting you and reading everyone's thoughtful responses on the blog.

We created a youtube channel to showcase our teachers' final project and some of the presentations!  Please feel to use these resources for your students!  The link can be found in the resources tab and attached with this blog post. more

Wow! So close but not explored!

Stephanie Chamberlin • Jul 14, 2017

Can I just first say what a great week of learning this has been?  I have so enjoyed working with Cindy, Sarah, Mary and all of my fellow teachers in this cohort.  It has been fantastic, I have learned so much about the resources in our area and the importance of teaching about our socio ecological systems.  

Today, I realized the availability of a resources that is litterally about 1 mile from my parents house, I have driven by it many times and not taken the time to explore or realize the great service it does.  I am talking about the Nampa Fish hatchery, this would be a great... more

How Can I Use What I Learned as a Student With my Students?

Jenny Kaylor • Jul 14, 2017

The term socio economic systems (or SES) is a new term to me but not a new concept.  However, I will say it is a new more collaborative approach to solving environmental issues today.  Humans need resources that the environment provides and various ecological systems provide various economic services but usually at a cost.  The goal is to manage the cost to the environment so that ultimately we may continue to enjoy those services for a long time to come.  I guess with respect to the ocean, I already incorporated this concept and thought process in my curriculum but I had difficulty... more

Final Wrap-up & Classroom Application

Allie Floyd • Jul 14, 2017


Wow, this week has flown by!!! We have managed to fit SO much into so a short amount of time it feels like it has been at least two weeks and I have loved EVERY minute of this workshop!!! I can't believe it's already Friday and I'm writing my final blog post... I wish we could keep going for another week! That being said, here's a quick recap from our day: we started at Glen Edward's farm where I again learned so much new information I didn't know about such as classes/credits farmers are required to take to keep their license active, various types of chemicals used to spray crops... more

How am I going to integrate this into my classroom

Allen Dale • Jul 14, 2017

I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to integrate this into my classroom. THis morning when we went to the Edwards farm I had no idea that it was the family farm of one of my teaching colleagues from Kuna high school, Travis Edwards. Travis is in the Ag dept. and teaches a lot of the plant based ag classes. I have always wanted to make a pollinators garden to attract more birds and butterflies to the school. We got some great ideas from our stop at Roosevelt school where we looked at there garden and did a crick pollinator activity. I talked to Travis about my idea and found out... more

Don't Forget to Share the WHY

Cheryl Werhner Coffman • Jul 14, 2017

Curriculum can bog me down sometimes. I can get so involved in the knowledge that kids need to know, that I forget to share the WHY. This week has been a big refresher in the concept of why we need to take kids outside and show them what’s going on in their world. This week we got dirty, sweaty, drove all over the Treasure Valley, ate lots of good food, and went adventuring. I absolutely learn better when we “go and see”.

Integrating what I know about socio-ecological systems into my classroom might come in several packages. First, I might take small groups of kids “out” to learn... more