How Can I Use What I Learned as a Student With my Students?

Submitted by Jenny Kaylor on Fri, 2017-07-14 00:00

The term socio economic systems (or SES) is a new term to me but not a new concept.  However, I will say it is a new more collaborative approach to solving environmental issues today.  Humans need resources that the environment provides and various ecological systems provide various economic services but usually at a cost.  The goal is to manage the cost to the environment so that ultimately we may continue to enjoy those services for a long time to come.  I guess with respect to the ocean, I already incorporated this concept and thought process in my curriculum but I had difficulty finding good activities to help solidify this topic.  I now feel I am better prepared with a variety of resources including peers to call upon for the upcoming year and am super excited about that!  Thank you to all who made this opportunity possible!