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Beginning Cycles

Justin Frost • Jul 14, 2017

Understanding the natural world is a primary goal of Physical Science.  If we can analyze natural problems then we can use the scientific method to create solutions for our natural and social environments.  Learning about SES in Idaho has opened my mind to how complex natural resource management is, and how to navigate various stakeholder interests.  This new knowledge will help guide students through how Physical Science affects their access to Nature, water and food.  Students will learn how floods are prevented, how the TV is irrigated, how trout and salmon are given life through the... more

Bringing this wonderful experience back to my classroom

Duane Shreve • Jul 14, 2017

Wow, we have had so much input this week. We have constantly been talking about socio-ecological systems and doing activities that center around them.  We have a unit that deals with our evnironment and this week has made me rethink the way I teach it. I have been looking at it from a more global viewpoint and I think I'm going to fine tune it a bit to be more specific to our watershed.  Start big and finish more detailed.  I plan to have more speakers come to my classroom so they can hear rather than read about local habitat. Local plant and animal life will be a focal point.  

I... more


Mary Lugg • Jul 14, 2017

I can't believe it is already the last day of Adventure Learning!

Today we will journey to the Lower Boise watershed to discuss farms and fish.

We will tour Glen Edwards' farm, visit Lake Lowell's Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, and then finish up at the Nampa Fish Hatchery.  

The rest of the afternoon will be spent back the Boise Watershed to put the final touches on our final digital storytelling projects!

When we are done, we will upload them to YouTube so everyone can enjoy them!

Stay tuned!


The Great Outdoors

Brian Zuber • Jul 14, 2017

Sorry I missed blogging Wednesday evening, had some travel delays that kept me away from my computer! My blog entry for Thursday is super late, or really, at this point, super early Friday morning! Since Friday's adventure-learning hasn't started yet, I feel like this counts! I did try to comment on at least five posts to make-up for my missed blog entry, and it was fun to read about everyone's adventures over the past two days!

For Thursday, it seems like we have two major, but related questions. What is the value of our public lands, and what is the value of getting kids outdoors... more

Kids Who Value Our Ecosystem

Ashlee Kolar • Jul 13, 2017

How do you get kids to connect to our ecosystem and see the value of how we manage our environment?

While talking to my (almost) 5 year old about why she likes to be outside - her response was, "I like to swim in my pool and play on my swing set."

I think kids struggle with seeing the big picture.  I know she's not even in school yet, but she already knows that being outdoors and involved with an activity is fun.  I feel that we need to pursue this desire that kids have for connecting to "things" and angle it towards the overall picture that allows us those... more

Getting out and about

Luke Kolar • Jul 13, 2017

 One of the unique positions we are in as teachers is that we are role models.  The tide of personalized technology isn't going away and it makes it easier for people-not just students- to become glued to their device. I'm guilty of it, most who are reading this probably are too to some degree.  That being said, we also can use our devices to help motivate students to get out. Take advantage of camera filters to capture more hsb a selfie, download an app that utilizes gps and go on an adventure.  The point is, we can harness our devices to get our students out of their typical downward... more