Bringing this wonderful experience back to my classroom

Submitted by Duane Shreve on Fri, 2017-07-14 00:00

Wow, we have had so much input this week. We have constantly been talking about socio-ecological systems and doing activities that center around them.  We have a unit that deals with our evnironment and this week has made me rethink the way I teach it. I have been looking at it from a more global viewpoint and I think I'm going to fine tune it a bit to be more specific to our watershed.  Start big and finish more detailed.  I plan to have more speakers come to my classroom so they can hear rather than read about local habitat. Local plant and animal life will be a focal point.  

I want my kids to see there is a relationship between our community and nature and they are a big part of this relationship since they are the future stewards to our environment.  I want them to see there are various ways they can be a source of change or in some cases a source of calm when it is needed.  We will spending more time outside this year, including when there is inclimate weather.

 Another item we discussed was the history of geothermal use in Boise and the continued support by the city to expand the use of it.  To me, this shows a partnership with our environment by a public entity and has a valid socio-ecological impact.

So much to choose from and so little time to teach it all.