MILES Importance*

Submitted by Maddie Pacold on Fri, 2017-07-14 00:00

I think the most important work MILES is doing is partnering with educators to spread the word about their research. After witnessing what you all did this week during your adventure learning workshop it is clear that you all are now more passionate and educated about our environment here in Idaho and all the ecosystem services it provides. When MILES takes the time to teach educators it creates a ripple effect. It is clear that this program directly impacts students in Idaho and makes them more educated about our amazing landscape. These teachers who attend these workshops are educating Idaho's future and are hopefully helping to instill a deep respect for our state and all it has to offer. I loved being a digital learner this week, but I am inspired to join a workshop in person in the future. Thank you MILES for these opportunities.

* I think I was suppose to blog about this earlier in the week, but I was a little confused. Thanks for understanding. 


Shaun Lund's picture

Maddie great post. This program when partnered with educators give us all a great deal of knowledge that can be used throughout our curriculum. When this program decided to partner with educators they knew the message and knowledge would be spread out to future stakeholders that will eventually become leaders all over this state and surrounding areas. The future of our watersheds and all of the stakeholders invested into this area will soon realize how many people are needed to be an advocate for the pieces of this ecosystem. Education is the correct media to use to ensure our land and future leaders continue to better and stay forth the visions set in place from original stakeholders.

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Programs like this are outstanding. Even as a blogger I have taken away so much information.