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Forest Regeneration- Is it our responsibility?

Bobbi Eby • Jun 22, 2017

Cheryl Tijerina posted a great question that I replied to on her blog, however, I wasn't sure if I should just reply to her, or write my own blog, so I am doing both! It will be redundant, so no need to read both.

I wanted to address her question, “Should we allow nature to take its... more

Grizzly Complex Fire

Cheryl Tijerina • Jun 22, 2017

Today we visited one of the sites of the “Grizzly Complex Fire” on Grassy Mountain to look at where the fire happened in 2015 and the salvage and restoration work being done there. The fire broke out in August of 2015 and was started by a lightning strike. Most fires in Idaho are caused by... more

Electrofishing: Who Knew?!!

Leisa Wick • Jun 22, 2017

Hello digital observers!  I am posting this today about our experiences yesterday as we were camping with no cell service to post yesterday. Honestly, I was pretty apprehensive about camping yesterday, but it really was a great experience! The University of Idaho Outdoor Recreation Department... more

Camping with an English Language Arts (ELA) Educator

Kim Ziegler • Jun 22, 2017


                Good evening to all our blog viewers!  Within the last hour I arrived home from our latest outdoor adventure, floating the North Fork of the Coeur d Alene River and camping at Devil’s Elbow.  I am dirty, smell like sun screen, and super happy about the adventure we had... more

Thursday Thoughts

Brent Patch • Jun 22, 2017

Jamie posted some very thought provoking questions:

How do you think ecosystem services change before and after wildfires on federal public lands?  

How should land management agencies like ths USFS prepare for how ecosystem services will likey change in North Idaho's forests under... more


Reading Assignments and Tech Guides

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Here is the list of readings for AL @ CDA and instruction sheets for technology

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Ecosystem Services

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Examples of ecosystem services

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Schedule of AL @ CDA Week

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Brief schedule of our Adventure Learning week

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