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Story Telling

Christine Sandahl • Jun 21, 2017

I recommend taking the time to watch the digital storytelling youtube videos found under the resources tab.  As a teacher, I understand that making an emotional connection on a personal level with students is essential for the best outcomes in the classroom.  Helping students make an emotional... more

Wednesday Research

Brent Patch • Jun 21, 2017

How I would love to be floating with you all! 

From the research that I have seen, it appears as though the South Fork of the Couer d"Alene river was subject to the years of mining that degraded the water quality. Geographically, the South Fork flows into Couer d'Alene lake and this... more

Wednesday Morning

Marie Pengilly • Jun 21, 2017

Good morning!

If you haven’t already, check out the blogs from yesterday- what an incredible tour of the Silver Valley!

We will be in the far reaches of the Coeur d’Alene watershed today, rafting the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River, discussing historical landuse along the... more

Health of our Lakes

Bobbi Eby • Jun 21, 2017

I finished watching the Health of our Lakes video. It was very informative and eye opening about lakes that I have fished, swam in, and hiked around. I was aware of the algae in Fernan, but I did not realize that it was also threatening CDA Lake and Hayden Lake. I am away with a few questions.... more

Burke Canyon

Leisa Wick • Jun 20, 2017

As a seventh grade language arts teacher, these experiences we are having this week are so far removed from my content, so often times it is challenging--as hard as I listen--to understand some of what we are learning about.  However, I was particularly intrigued by our drive to Burke Canyon.... more