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The Big Burn

Randy Boyd • Jun 20, 2017

I'm especially excited that you all get to visit the Pulaski Trail today!!  If you haven't read The Big Burn by Timonthy Egan, it is a great book!  Not only does it talk about Ed Pulaski but it has a lot to do with Teddy Roosevelt and how the Forest Service came to be.

As you hike the... more


Marie Pengilly • Jun 20, 2017

Hello again!

Today we are driving through the Silver Valley up to Burke Canyon with Rebecca Stevens, the Program Manager and Restoration Coordinator of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe Lake Management Department. We’ll tour three mine clean-up sites, the EPA Repository, and the Sunshine Mine... more

Benewah Creek Project- From a Local's Point of View

Bobbi Eby • Jun 20, 2017

I am a digital adventure participant, still trying to feel my way around where I fit into all of this. One thing I was very surprised about was that Monday's project was focused on Benewah Creek. My family and I own a house right above Benewah Creek about 5 miles down Benewah Creek Road.... more

Water Quality Testing at Benewah Creek

Kim Portwood • Jun 19, 2017

Today we were taught how to conduct water quality testing at a creek setting.  Marie has these great water quality kits that can be loaned out (if you teach locally) to show your students how to do field work that really matters.  The project at Benewah Creek has a purpose, to create healthy... more

Day 1: Restoring Equilibrium to Maximize Biodiversity of Benewah Creek

Josh • Jun 19, 2017

When you think of equilibrium, you think of a calm state of mind and a physical balance where opposing forces offset each other. Of course that is what us educators thought (early into our summer break) when we were able to explore the many reaches of Benewah Creek. Behind the scenes, drastic... more