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Mining, what's that?

Kim Portwood • Jun 20, 2017

Since I am from an agricultural community, I don’t know how receptive the lessons about mining practices would be since students don’t live here and see the impacts.  I might be able to make a correlation to agriculture in some way.  Both mining and agricultural practices both hurt the... more

Silver Valley Restoration

Patricia Hoeck • Jun 20, 2017

As someone who has lived and worked in the Siver Valley for over 20 years I learned a lot of new and useful information about the work being done to restore many areas of the Silver Valley.What is hard to wrap around my mind is that the area of the contamination actually goes from Mullan to... more

Conquer or Nurture?

Brent Patch • Jun 20, 2017

The Big Burn is one of many great examples of our atitude toward Nature. What a hassle to cross a swollen river in the Spring or after a rainfall. Solution: Build a bridge - until the 100 year storm washes out the bridge. Solution: Build a bigger bridge! Wether the Benewah Creek site, Burke... more

Ecosystem services and water testing in Pocatello

Eric Rude • Jun 20, 2017

The ecosystem services I value the most are the cultural services. I do a lot of hiking and a lot of nature photography, so my watershed provides me with recreation opportunities. I also use our watershed for examples in my classes, and to help me learn more about the natural world around us.... more

Bunker Hill Superfund Site Article

Cameron Knigge • Jun 20, 2017

I'm originally from southern Idaho, and I'm only 30 years old, so I did not know a lot about Bunker Hill or its effects on local habitat and organisms. I've been reading a fair amount of articles Bunker Hill over the past couple of summers and incorporated this reading into my biology classes at... more