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Wildfires, climate change and ecosystem services

Jamie Esler • Jun 22, 2017

Good Morning!

As I write this from back home in CDA, the team is still up the North Fork of the CDA River basin.  Today's adventures will be up Grassy Mountain and at the trailhead of Trail 20; a 5 mile, non-motorized USFS trail connecting the headwaters of the North Fork between Jordan... more

How do we teach about these issues?

Eric Rude • Jun 21, 2017

So, how do we teach about these issues?

We’re learning that Idaho’s waterways have been hurt by farming, mining, city-building, and the timber industry. How do we teach our students about caring for our rivers without demonizing these necessary businesses?

As one of the teachers... more

Learning about cutthroat trout

Eric Rude • Jun 21, 2017

I’ve been able to have some incredible experiences learning about cutthroat trout last summer and this summer. I am in the Murdock Foundation’s Partners in Science program. This program pays teachers to do research with college professors over two summers. Science teachers: you might want to... more

Three Rafts, One Goal

Jamie Esler • Jun 21, 2017

The team had a fantastic time floating the river and sampling water quality with Idaho DEQ Field Technicians today!  Everyone is finishing up the day at Devils Elbow USFS campground to rest up for tomorrow's adventure.  Sadly, I had to come home to work the Farmers Market so will give you a... more

Resources and the mystery of a disappearing stream

Christine Sandahl • Jun 21, 2017

I have found a few interesting resources while searching for assignment information and in an attempt to find more about the watershed surrounding Spirit Lake.  I had a conversation with Randy Troyer, a long time resident of Spirit Lake, Idaho.  He told me that when he was a boy, there was no... more