Three Rafts, One Goal

Submitted by jesler on Wed, 2017-06-21 00:00

The team had a fantastic time floating the river and sampling water quality with Idaho DEQ Field Technicians today!  Everyone is finishing up the day at Devils Elbow USFS campground to rest up for tomorrow's adventure.  Sadly, I had to come home to work the Farmers Market so will give you a sneak peak at what we explored today.  :). Stay tuned for a more detailed post coming tomorrow from Leasa and Kim (Ziggy)!


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Looks like a great place to be floating! Much larger--and more natural looking--than the part of the Portneuf we floated down here in southeast Idaho! The Portneuf is beautiful in some places, but it has been dammed and diverted and channelized so much, that it is no longer a wild river.


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Digital observer here....and what an awesome day you must have had!  It looks beautiful via the pictures.  What were your findings with the water quality?  Are the results immediately available upon testing or does it take time to obtain the results? 

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Hi Nola,
During water testing we looked for the pH of the water, the amount of oxygen, the clarity of the water, and the temperature. The pH and clarity are available very fast but temperature and oxygen do have a small two minute waiting period. All in all the results come quick which is good if you are in very cold waters.

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Immediate results via water quality testing could make for some fun and relevant discussions in the classroom.  What could we infer about the community or priorities of that culture based on the data?  This is your digital observer signing off at the moment. :)