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(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Intermountain Bird Observatory

Added by: Cindy Busche

Great resources for data and field trips from BSU's Intermountain Bird Observatory.

IBO's site
Institute for bird populations

Resource type: Other

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Landscaping for Learners

Added by: Cindy Busche

Powerpoint created by BLM Botanist Holly Hovis to educate teachers about school gardens.  Titled 'Landscaping for Learners.'

PDF icon Landscaping for Learners Presentation.pdf

Resource type: Presentations

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Cottonwood Creek Resources

Added by: Cindy Busche

Trout Unlimited provided these resources for background information on Cottonwood Creek's past and future.

Here are some background materials on Cottonwood Creek for participants who want to really dig into it before our tour. Here is a short film from the early 60’s regarding flooding in the creek after a range fire in the foothills in 1959:


This link is to Ada County flood history. Many of the older floods were on Cottonwood Creek:


I have attached two Idaho Supreme Court cases that discuss the history of Cottonwood Creek flooding and the reasons for construction of the flume.


Finally, here is a link to the Boise River Enhancement Plan. Cottonwood Creek is a day lighting, side channel project, the need for which is discussed in the Plan on page 21:


File 1879 Cottonwood Creek Article.docx

Resource type: Presentations

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Ecosystem Services PowerPoint

Added by: Cindy Busche

Introduction to Ecosystem Servies by Mary Lugg

File Ecosystem Services & Checklist.pptx

Resource type: Presentations

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Treasure Valley Digital Water Atlas

Added by: Cindy Busche

Created by an interdisciplinary team of Boise State University researchers in 2017, the Treasure Valley Digital Water Atlas features the Boise River Watershed biophysical features and social perspectives.

Boise River WaterShed StoryMap

Resource type: GIS / Mapping

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Boise River Enhancement Plan

Added by: Cindy Busche

The Boise River Enhancement Plan was developed in 2015 by the Boise River Enhancement Network, a network of people that live, work and play in the Boise River watershed and are dedicated to promoting the ecological enhancement of the river.  Great resource for background information on the Boise River and current issues.  The plan identifies how, what and where enhancement can be achieved to bring the most effective benefits to the river.

Boise River Enhancement Plan

Resource type: Papers / Pamplets

(Coeur d'Alene)  Water Test Kit Supplies

Added by: Marie Pengilly

Here's the list of supplies we normally include in a water quality kit- this can be adapted however you like! Contact Marie for more information if you'd like to use your classrrom supply money for a kit.

File AL Water Quality Equipment.docx

Resource type: Classroom Equipment

(Coeur d'Alene)  Contact List

Added by: Marie Pengilly

Here's a list of contact info!

File AL@CDA Contacts 2017.docx

Resource type: Contacts / Events

(Coeur d'Alene)  Living with Lead: An Environmental History of Idaho's Coeur D'Alenes 1885-2100

Added by: Christine Sandahl

This paper is a dissertation by Bradley Snow.  The table of contents helps the reader find specific sites that were researched.

Resource type: Papers / Pamplets

(Coeur d'Alene)  The Confluence Project Curriculum

Added by: Marie Pengilly

The Confluence Project Curriculum was written by University of Idaho graduate students and regional high school teachers. The aim of The Confluence Project is to support middle and high school teachers in providing their students with hands-on, place-based educational experiences. The attached pdf is an overview of available lessons and the full set of curriculum is available on Google Drive via the link provided. Feel free to use these lessons as they fit into your syllabus. For support in setting up field trips throughout the school year, contact me or any of the potential collaborators listed in each section.

Because these files are shared widely over Google Drive and changing the files in the shared folder will affect others, please copy and paste them into your private Drive for personal use. Thanks!


PDF icon TCP Curriculum Overview.pdf
TCP Curriculum on Google Drive

Resource type: Fact Sheets / Handouts