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What a fun day this morning we drove out to  O'Neall Bioreserve near McCammon Idaho. I was with the half of the class that threw on waders and wandered into the ponds with nets, we caught lots of salamanders, a few frogs and several invertebrates. We caught a freaky looking critter that turned out to be a dragonfly in its early stages. The water smelled as dirty as it looked. It was glorious.

The other half of the class was concentrating on documenting plants and insects so I don’t know what their day looked like.

When we reconvened back on campus we were able to see the convenience of iNaturalist. It is fun to use and also serves to help document the ecosystems here in the area. Many species, if they were not traded, trapped, or sported in some way went undocumented for years. Some even disappeared with no one taking notice until years later. 

We worked on and finished up our Story telling project. Sometimes Computers Frustrate me. 


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