Day 4 and a bit stressed about this Digital Storytelling Project I must complete in 24 hours and 45 minutes....

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Made observations around Eagle Island Park - nature verses humans and their interactions. Gary Worthington joined us with his "birding" knowledge. I took a Birds of Prey class 27 years ago and I have been wanting to get back into knowing my birds especially since we are outdoors in Donnelly, Idaho a lot. E Bird data base and Merlin Bird I'd app are two great iPhone sources. After listening to Dave Draper and the Monarch butterfly activity, Fabiola and I are really interested in getting involved with the Monarch program. There was estimated 1 billion in 1996 and today there is 27 million.... Cory Coffman from Morley Nelson Birds of prey shared with us "Little Hawk", a 25 year old Swainson hawk and a 2 year old Great Horned Owl. We need to get our kids involved in clean ups, weedings and plantings. Plus have Cory bring her "babies" to the classroom.


Digi-learners - What ecosystem services are most important to you?


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Our digital stories from the Pocatello workshop are under the Galleries & Video tab above.  Once you click on the tab, look down and to the right for the blue names (links) under 2017 Pocatello YouTube Videos.  Might help to watch some for inspiration.  It's not as bad as you think!  :)


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I have come to learn that I have had a very unfortunate mindset. I've been lementing how difficult it is to have our students to go on field trips. There really are many opportunities for us to invite organizations, speakers, projects, etc to our kiddos. Give them assignments that could send them to the hills. I know not all of them have that ability but some do; then can return and report their findings. Those that cannot might be able to take the information and run with it based on the ecosystems in their own neighborhoods or take the human impact approach. 

I get excited easily but putting all this into practice is definitely going to take some planning. Thanks for signing us up to get started with the Monarchs. I feel students will definitely be interested. Do you think Jerry will let us take over the garden?? 

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When we get out, it's pretty amazing then infrastructure that's it's place to help us interact with our environment. For me, I went on a bike ride from near settlers park down to bown crossing and was noticing the numerous planned spots along the green belt to sit and enjoy the river or common  areas.  I was also surprised at the design of the broadway bridge to allow people to peel off and gaze at the river.  We have these amenities that are heavily utilized but IMO seem to be undervalued.

When we do get out, pretty cool what we run his little buck on the main path coming down from table rock yesterday.