Idaho's Water Resources

Submitted by Will McArthur on Thu, 2017-06-01 00:00

The MILES project area of study that I feel is most important is the research into our water resources!  However, I would extend it to the politically incorrect area of contamination.  Pocatello’s landfill, Union Pacific’s large diesel waste ponds and FMC’s heavy metal and radon have contaminated both our air and water.  Our underground aquifer has been damaged for years to come and we need to guard against continuing and future issues.  I know that we (or east coast companies) made these decisions for socio- economic reasons but current and future generations are, and will be paying the price.


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We will be learning about the Portneuf watershed and aquifer, connections, water quality and quantity.  More importantly, we will learn about who makes the decisions and why!

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I agree with what you are saying about the importance of water. Unfortunately, though it seems that not many people seem to know (or maybe care) about the problems faced by our aquifer!

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As a consumer of water in the Snake River Valley in the food that I eat, the waters that I fish, the sprinkler that I move around my yard, and the clean water that I drink I am quite concerned about the protection of the aquifer.  Our school took all 7th and 8th graders to the water treatment facilities in our area to educate them on the importance of cleaning used water.  They found it facinating and had some wonderful questions.  We are responsible for raising and educating future stewards of our most valuable resource.