Ideas of how to MILES

Submitted by Carissa Summers on Fri, 2017-07-14 00:00

How am I gonna nag to implement all that I learned from this class. 1. Have a number of guest speakers (Janet Worthington, Trout Unlimited, Glen Edward   2. Create a nature garden 3. Have top students research some of the historical people and have them create reinacts 4. Invite students to visit some of these locations and later come by and share (since no field trips) 5. Incorporate mining and changes in ecosystems 6. Incorporate Boise River Basin and how water changed the Treasure Valley 7. Share Birding app, maybe start a birding club? 8. Skype with some guest speakers (Brian Lawless) 9. Have trout in the classroom 9.  Incorporate Monarch Project 10. Field trip or invite kids to visit Deerflat refuge center and Fish Hatchery and come back and share 

*******How will you incorporate from you have learned from us into the classroom???



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I'm really excited in how we are going to be able to incorporate all this into our class. I love all those ideas, especially guest speakers, monarch project, and reinactments. One idea that someone had blogged was go to a location and create a virtual tour just by simply recording. I think that is an excellent idea. We could allow students to then post or submit questions and perhaps the next day have a guest speaker come to explain and answer questions. 

Great idea! When are you headed to Tennessee? Want to get together in the next couple weeks????