Integration for Sophomore Biology

Submitted by Steve DeMers on Fri, 2017-07-14 00:00

Now that our workshop is coming to an end we need to try and figure out how to integrate some of what we have learned into our curriculum.  This seems like a large task as we have seen a lot.   One of the most important tasks, in my opinion, is to facilitate the fact that we are not apart from nature but rather in nature.  Our decisions, daily, influence our connection to nature. It may not be obvious but our socio-ecological services connect to us and we intern connect to them.  Many people probably take some of these services for granted.  For example:  drinking water, wastewater services, recreational opportunities, and waste disposal to name a few.  If we can get our students to make a connection to our ecological services then they can be more aware of influences upon them.  It is our job to to incorporate these attitudes and activities into our classrooms.  Personally I will be water quality testing with my students both chemically and using macro-invertebrates.  I also will be integrating the bird curriculum as well.  

What other suggestions do you have for integration into a 10th grade biology classroom? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.