Just a little bit of effort

Submitted by Josh Nielsen on Thu, 2017-06-08 00:00

So wonderful to share the outdoors with those youth that just haven't been out much, and it takes so little effort sometimes. One little adventure. One little moment. One little comment. That one bit of effort, and a scientist is born; an outdoor photographer emerges. Suddenly bird watching is exciting, collecting and taking stills of flowers becomes a passion. Just naming the various fauna and flora becomes a fun challenge. Hiking is no longer a drag, but a reward. Need to learn to climb and mountaineer because there are places now I have to visit. How can I learn more? How can I protect what I now value? What is my role in all this? How is it all connected? How awesome when our students find this thrilling drive, desire, dedication to now want to change the world, and that they develop the discipline and dedication to really make a difference. It happened today with one of my students. It's the same feeling Rosemary and the other instructors with MILES, and the Idaho Adventure Team are feeling as they work with all of you in the field. Just a little bit of effort and look what you're creating.

Some more pictures from above looking down. Taken from Chinese Peak. A few others looking up from Century High as a team of firefighters manages Idaho's landscape in a different fashion. No easy task keeping Idaho and it's people and biodiversity safe and healthy. 


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This is one of the big take-aways for me.  One moment walking with my son at North Bingham County park initiated thoughts about how I could encourage students to become aware of their surroundings, change their surroundings for the better, and how to become involved in their environment.  

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