MILES largest impact on Idaho

Submitted by Ashlee Kolar on Sat, 2017-07-08 00:00

I think the fact that the population growth of the Treasure Valley is going to grow exponentially is the largest concern because there are so many other things tied to it: agriculture and the water runoff that is associated with it, farmlands being eaten up by housing developments, overflow of people in popular (and new) locations that use the water for hobbies, and just the sheer volume of water that is needed to sustain and keep “happy” all of these people. What I feel is great at MILES is that they are being very proactive with these issues.  They are always looking ahead, but not making rash decisions.  They are researching, and researching, and asking the opinions of others, and researching more.  They recognize that things can not be done rashly because the affect on people, agriculture, natural resources, wildlife, and the state as a whole depend on each little decision that is (or is not) made.  I appreciate how much time, energy, and money they have put into educating others - there is A LOT of power in being educated.