O'Neill BioBlitz

Submitted by Dani Summerill on Thu, 2017-06-08 00:00

Looks like your visit to O'Neill for the iNaturalist BioBlitz was a success!  I bet you could take that concept and apply it to the ecosystem around your own school.  The biodiversity might not match what you guys saw today, but I still think it would be surprising to know how many different species exist right outside the doors of our classrooms.   Eric's idea of Pokemon Go! with iNaturalist is a great idea!


Josh Nielsen's picture

Surprising what we have around FMS. The desert is full of little critters. We've also had moose on the property, and a few years back a full grown bull elk as my cross-country kids ran by. Didn't expect to see that.

Jocelyn Hayes's picture

I am going to do this type of activity with my middle school students.  Challenge to find bugs in their own backyard.  Challenge them to look closer.