Outdoor Lesson: Scavenger Hunt

Submitted by Darcy Hale on Thu, 2017-07-13 00:00

I am resharing my blog post from my first day as an in-person adventurer in Pocatello.  We were asked to form groups of two.  We were given pencil, paper, and 30 minutes at Edson Fichter Pond and Nature Area in Pocatello to complete the scavenger hunt list bullet pointed below.  I posed the same activity to the Pocatello digi-learners.  Adapt the assignment below to your classroom:

Choose a location near and dear to you.  This could be as small scale as your home, your own backyard, your neighborhood, or on a more communal scale your school campus or favorite park.  Spend some time visually reviewing the characteristics of this location in person, via photos, or via memory.  Do as we did at Edson Fichter today.  Contemplate:

-something pretty

-something ugly

-something beneficial to the space

-something detrimental to the space

-something to be preserved

-something that needs to be changed

In a comment/reply to this post, tell us about the space you chose.  Share one specific from the above list (for example, today I shared the sound of the river as my "something pretty" and the exercise led to an extension contemplating how my PE classes could work to improve portions of our middle school campus running trails).  Briefly describe and explain why your choice fits the category in which you placed it.  Share a photo of your space if feasible.