Public land is there value?

Submitted by Stephanie Chamberlin on Thu, 2017-07-13 00:00

Just like everything we have learned about while on this adventure, it is impossible to determine the true importance or value of the different socioecological systems, they are all interconnected.  When contemplating the value of having public land available for both human use and ecosystem health, it is obvious to me that they too are interconnected.  Just consider if we stopped all human use on public lands the impact that would have on the socioecological systems.  So lets see, If we took all humans out of the public land, it would kind of negate any socio - ecological impacts, we could return them to all natural states, best for the ecosystem?  Now lets think about the impacts not thought of.  Resentment of humans for lost opportunities for enjoying nature, not just enjoying but appreciation for these lands.  People need to experience to appreciate, children need to experience to learn responsible stuardship of our natural lands.  Somehow we need to find a balance, I feel strongly that kids should be allowed to experience nature-through public lands. I feel it is important to encourage whole families to experience places like Birds of prey, Deerflats, and that they should be taught to be responsible stuards.  I also feel it is important for them to feel a connection to the land and to the plants & animals that inhabit them.  

Education and possitive interaction with our public lands will build solid and hopefully healthy ecosystems.  

My question to you, what are some ways (think outside the box) we can help students to appreciate and become responsible users of our public lands and to be more cognizant of the socioecological systems that are available to them and how they can influence the future of our public lands?