Water - Kind of a Big Deal

Submitted by Dani Summerill on Sun, 2017-06-04 00:00

Looks like water is a big concern for Idaho and the MILES project, and rightly so.  Whether it is the water quality of places like the Portneuf or Marsh Creek, or the availability of water in places like the Treasure Valley, it seems water is on the minds of scientists and conservationists statewide.  Speaking of water, I envy the on-site learners for the MILES workshop in Pocatello this year.  I participated on-site last year and truly enjoyed getting to learn more about our local waterway, the Portneuf.  As a digi-learner this year, I look forward to reading your blogs throughout the week as you experience this one-of-a-kind opportunity.  I hope it hits home for you as much as it did for me.  Enjoy! 


Michael Helman's picture

Happy Summer Dani!  I am looking forward to following this year's on-site learners as well (and with all of the rain this year, it should be a good year).  Maybe next year I will have the opportunity to do this in person rather than online. 

Dani Summerill's picture

Hey Michael!  I am so bummed you didn't get to be an on-site learner this year:(  Yes, definitely apply again next year.  It will be interesting doing this online as opposed to in-person.  Not sure what to expect but I will do my best!