Sacagawea Park

Submitted by Brent Patch on Fri, 2017-06-09 00:00

I am looking forward to today's adventure to Sacagawea Park. Some 10 years ago, I facilitated a Service Learning class at our New Horizon Alternate school. We would ride bikes to Sacagawea and other Greenway points to brainstorm and implement improvements in coordination with several community organizers. We helped make Sacagawea more accessible by reseeding portions of the retention burm, transplant wetlands plants, and remove debris from the river. This was a great way to connect the kids with their community and raise awareness of the importance of natural places. It was awesome earlier this week when I saw one of my former students at Edson Fichter Park. He had brought his wife and two children to the pond for a morning of fishing! 


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I wonder if we'll get a chance to see the signage you and your students put in a bit north of the park.  Is it still there?  Do the trails still exist?

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We didn't  get a chance  to visit last week, but everything I  still there  an  in good condition. I go out once in a while to do light maintenance and I know  that others take care of that place, too.

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Sounds like you are enjoying the experience.  And I really liked hearing about your course project.  Thanks for sharing.

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Could you still see the benefits of all your hard work?  Were the plants flourishing and how was the debris and trash situation? 

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So gratifying! The  trails, signs, tables, an  other improvements are still there an  in good condition as the community continues to enjoy this natural park. The tall grass grows up every year and re-seeds any area that gets disturbed. I rarely see an empty parking lot when I drive by. It was an experience that definitely connected me to the ecosystem an  I know  it provided the same for my students.