Do over! Final assignment

Submitted by Josh Nielsen on Fri, 2017-06-09 00:00

I participated in the first MILES program and as my project did a unit on river restoration with my Gifted and Talented class at Franklin Middle School. As a culminating activity I wrote a grant and received funding from our local Kiwanis club to plant trees along a section of the Portneuf river at Edson Fichter Nature Area.  It was a full day activity that really turned out well. For a year the trees thrived as community members helped to water them daily as they walked along the path next to the river. There was a nice placard asking the community to help out as the area receives little water in the summer months. I often heard positive comments from walkers on how much of a connection to the area that simple act of watering the trees added to their nature walk. Sometime later however all five trees along that stretch were broken off and the caging and sign were thrown into the river by vandals. One tree we planted in a different area remains and is doing well. It can be seen in the photo. I have debated for two years about replacing the trees and trusting that it won't happen again. I have decided to make it my fall project again and have faith it will last longer. Mother Teresa's words offer encouragement. This whole experience Is just a reminder that for change to occur we stay the course against differing opinions and values as we work for a better world.




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I get so irratated with the lack of respect shown for other peoples hard work and good intentions! It make me furious in my own town how people will just dump there garbage anywhere as long as it not in their back yard!  Maddening I wish more people would have some pride in the nature that surrounds them and work to keep it beautiful for all to enjoy!!!  Good luck with your project and I hope this time it last!!!

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This is a fantastic project. It's really a shame that there are those out there that purposefully destroy nature. I really hope this project goes well in the fall!