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Getting Our Students Outside

Duane Shreve • Jul 13, 2017

This has been a topic we I have discussed with several of my colleagues this week.  We have all seen our students becoming more entrenched with their X-Box 360 and assorted video games rather than spending time playing outside.  I feel this is a mind set that starts at home.  If a familiy isn't... more

The value of getting out and away from the TV

Allen Dale • Jul 13, 2017


When you are my age you hear this all the time, "in my day we made our own fun. We didn't have games or phones to play with." Unfortunately our phones are more addictive than the things that we can do on the outside. This is starting to become a big concern and not just to me because I... more

Thursday, here we come!

Mary Lugg • Jul 13, 2017

Good morning on-line learners!  I am excited for another adventure filled day of learning.

Today we are focusing on the value of public lands for human and ecosystem health.  

We will be spending most of the day at Eagle Island State Park!  There are 26 acres of recreational use at... more

Sharing Cycles

Justin Frost • Jul 13, 2017

Idaho is know as "The Wilderness State," containing the Sawtooth, Hemingway-Boulders, Jerry Peak, White Clouds, Frank Church, Selway-Bitteroot, Gospel Hump and Hell's Canyon Wilderness areas in Central and North Idaho.  These areas are defined that serve to host humans and are untrammeled by... more

Wednesday's Questions for the day! Who wants to tackle one of them!??

Carissa Summers • Jul 12, 2017

There are many uses in the Boise Watershed, pick one stakeholder from the list below and think about water resources from that perspective. What issues are important your stakeholder regarding water use? How can you work together with other stakeholders to achieve your goals? Plants/wildlife,... more