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Public Land and Human Health Connection

Jenny Kaylor • Jul 13, 2017

What would life be like if we didn`t have public lands?  Imagine not being able to go hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, camping, to go to the park, or to access rivers and lakes. What would you do?  How would you spend your free time?  Think about why you like to get outside in the first place... more

The Benefits of Outdoor Education

Allie Floyd • Jul 13, 2017


Hello Digi-learners! I hope this week is going well for everyone!! Another eventful day for us with lots of fantastic presenters. I was joking earlier that my catch-phrase this week is "Wow, I didn't know that!!" and have probably averaged saying that about 15 or more times a day! Haha... more

Public land is there value?

Stephanie Chamberlin • Jul 13, 2017

Just like everything we have learned about while on this adventure, it is impossible to determine the true importance or value of the different socioecological systems, they are all interconnected.  When contemplating the value of having public land available for both human use and ecosystem... more

The Out of Doors

Jason DuBose • Jul 13, 2017

When considering the outdoors, it would be nearly impossible to underestimate its value to humans.  It's easy to contemplate the aesthetic and recreational value but there is so much more. We talked to a researcher today who was testing saliva to determine stress levels before and after spending... more

The Value of the Outdoors and How to Get Our Students Out More

Erin Harris • Jul 13, 2017

In Idaho we are fortunate to have a general appreciation for the outdoors and that has proven to be an important asset to living and teaching here.  Unfortunately, in today's society of instant gratification and use of technology, more and more often, students are disconnected from their... more