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Student Values

Cheryl Werhner Coffman • Jul 13, 2017

When I think about how to get students invested in our ecosystem I think about all the times that I take them outside. Experiences in nature create a sense of value and passion by just being in nature. But...most students are influenced mostly by their home life and the values of their parents.... more

Day 4 and a bit stressed about this Digital Storytelling Project I must complete in 24 hours and 45 minutes....

Carissa Summers • Jul 13, 2017


Made observations around Eagle Island Park - nature verses humans and their interactions. Gary Worthington joined us with his "birding" knowledge. I took a Birds of Prey class 27 years ago and I have been wanting to get back into knowing my birds especially since we are outdoors in... more

Take the Kids Outside

Jenni Lund • Jul 13, 2017


The value of spending time outside is immense and so important.   There are health benefits, peace of mind, and creates a clear  consciousness of the environment.   There are a lot of studies that show statistics about the benefits of being outdoors and as teachers we should begin to... more

My Playground

Steve DeMers • Jul 13, 2017

Idaho has been blessed with a huge amount of public land.  Humans benefit from these lands in many ways.  When I consider all of the ways that  I use our public lands I feel blessed to live in Idaho.  Upon moving here from the Midwest in the late 90's I noticed that people had a different... more

Outdoor Lesson: Scavenger Hunt

Darcy Hale • Jul 13, 2017

I am resharing my blog post from my first day as an in-person adventurer in Pocatello.  We were asked to form groups of two.  We were given pencil, paper, and 30 minutes at Edson Fichter Pond and Nature Area in Pocatello to complete the scavenger hunt list bullet pointed below.  I posed the same... more


Boise River Enhancement Plan

Boise River Enhancement Plan

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Added by: Cindy Busche

The Boise River Enhancement Plan was developed in 2015 by the Boise River Enhancement Network, a network of people that live, work and play in the Boise River watershed and are dedicated to promoting the ecological enhancement of the river.  Great resource for background information on the Boise River and current issues.  The plan identifies how, what and where enhancement can be achieved to bring the most effective benefits to the river.

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