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Mary Lugg • Jul 14, 2017

I can't believe it is already the last day of Adventure Learning!

Today we will journey to the Lower Boise watershed to discuss farms and fish.

We will tour Glen Edwards' farm, visit Lake Lowell's Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, and then finish up at the Nampa Fish Hatchery... more

The Great Outdoors

Brian Zuber • Jul 14, 2017

Sorry I missed blogging Wednesday evening, had some travel delays that kept me away from my computer! My blog entry for Thursday is super late, or really, at this point, super early Friday morning! Since Friday's adventure-learning hasn't started yet, I feel like this counts! I did try to... more

Kids Who Value Our Ecosystem

Ashlee Kolar • Jul 13, 2017

How do you get kids to connect to our ecosystem and see the value of how we manage our environment?

While talking to my (almost) 5 year old about why she likes to be outside - her response was, "I like to swim in my pool and play on my swing set."

I think kids struggle... more

Getting out and about

Luke Kolar • Jul 13, 2017

 One of the unique positions we are in as teachers is that we are role models.  The tide of personalized technology isn't going away and it makes it easier for people-not just students- to become glued to their device. I'm guilty of it, most who are reading this probably are too to some degree... more

Students and Nature

Kristine Kempthorne • Jul 13, 2017

Getting students involved in nature is important. As a special education teacher I try to promote the students to go outside as often as possible. Students these days are so in tune with technology and video games that they are missing so much outside. When the weather is nice I try to take my... more


Intermountain Bird Observatory

IBO's site
Institute for bird populations

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Added by: Cindy Busche

Great resources for data and field trips from BSU's Intermountain Bird Observatory.

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Landscaping for Learners

PDF icon Landscaping for Learners Presentation.pdf

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Added by: Cindy Busche

Powerpoint created by BLM Botanist Holly Hovis to educate teachers about school gardens.  Titled 'Landscaping for Learners.'

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Cottonwood Creek Resources

File 1879 Cottonwood Creek Article.docx

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Added by: Cindy Busche

Trout Unlimited provided these resources for background information on Cottonwood Creek's past and future.

Here are some background materials on Cottonwood Creek for participants who want to really dig into it before our tour. Here is a short film from the early 60’s regarding flooding in the creek after a range fire in the foothills in 1959:


This link is to Ada County flood history. Many of the older floods were on Cottonwood Creek:


I have attached two Idaho Supreme Court cases that discuss the history of Cottonwood Creek flooding and the reasons for construction of the flume.


Finally, here is a link to the Boise River Enhancement Plan. Cottonwood Creek is a day lighting, side channel project, the need for which is discussed in the Plan on page 21:


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Ecosystem Services PowerPoint

File Ecosystem Services & Checklist.pptx

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Added by: Cindy Busche

Introduction to Ecosystem Servies by Mary Lugg

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Treasure Valley Digital Water Atlas

Boise River WaterShed StoryMap

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Added by: Cindy Busche

Created by an interdisciplinary team of Boise State University researchers in 2017, the Treasure Valley Digital Water Atlas features the Boise River Watershed biophysical features and social perspectives.

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