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digi learner test 1

Tucker Williams • Jul 09, 2017

Like the title says, I'm testing my blog entries.Believe it or not, I have never posted on a blog before. I don't have any social media actually. Well I email of course.I'm looking forward to participating and hope all you in-person teachers have a great time.

MILES impact

Luke Kolar • Jul 09, 2017

I think the greatest impact is yet to be seen. I do believe education is a significant key in the process of trying to build a sustainable system as the population of the watershed continues to increase. I also think it's great idea getting teachers involved as we have access to informing our... more

MILES greatest impact: Education

Darcy Hale • Jul 09, 2017

Hello Boise Adventurers!  I am looking forward to spending the week with you vicariously through my computer here in Pocatello and I will be anxious to hear how your in-person learning experience will affect your knowledge, perspective, and classroom.  I had the privilege of experiencing the in-... more

MILES largest impact on Idaho

Ashlee Kolar • Jul 08, 2017

I think the fact that the population growth of the Treasure Valley is going to grow exponentially is the largest concern because there are so many other things tied to it: agriculture and the water runoff that is associated with it, farmlands being eaten up by housing developments, overflow of... more

Welcome to Boise Adventure Learners 2017!

Mary Lugg • Jul 06, 2017

Welcome to the Adventure Learning Blog! 

I can't wait to explore our watershed  with this amazing group of educators in-person and over the computer!  This workshop will be alot of fun and hopefully spark interesting and in-depth conversations around socio-ecological systems and ecosystem... more