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New to Idaho and excited to learn more

Fabiola Stewart • Jul 10, 2017

Hello everyone, 

This is my first experience with MILES and only have lived 5 years in Idaho apart from school. I'm really anxious about learning more about the area and what ways we can help our students understand the impact their decisions have on their area. Looking forward to your... more

MILES greatest impact

Kristine Kempthorne • Jul 10, 2017

Over the years I have seen such growth in Idaho and what use to be farming and other open land is now used as shopping malls and housing which has taken away so much of what was naturally occuring. This has caused a great concern for Idahos ecosystem. MILES is a great organization that provides... more

MILES Greatest Impact

Erin Tetreault • Jul 09, 2017

As an educator, this might not come as a big surprise, but I also think that the endeavors to educate the Treasure Valley about the effect of growth on water supply will have the greatest impact on the future of Idaho. Policy makers and citizens need access to scientific data-based information... more

Boise River Watershed and MILES research- Education

Dani Wilson • Jul 09, 2017

Hi Everyone!

My namei is Dani Wilson and I'm excited to be a digi-learner this week. I am going to echo the prevoius post about the most effective work being done by MILES and say that education is probably the most important. I am a prime example of that...  Before hearing about this... more

MILES and the Future of Water in Idaho

Bethany Updike • Jul 09, 2017

Future water availability is an issue that weighs heavy on my mind, so I believe the research that MILES is doing with the Boise River Basin and other water systems is paramount. Legislators and other decision-makers need information to make the best decisions for the future of Idaho, and admit... more