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It's All About the Water

Allen Dale • Jul 10, 2017

It is hard to find any ecological service that we are provided that does not revolve around water. Everything on earth, including us is made of water and cannot service without it.  With this in mind it is easy to say that water is the ecological service I value the most.  Everything I love to... more

It's Hot!

Jason DuBose • Jul 10, 2017

I value trees. Sounds simple enough but the exponential value to me is undeniable.  As it heats up this summer, trees provide shade that cool off everything around us. We hear about trees converting CO2 into oxygen but a often overlooked benefit is the shade and general cooling they provide to... more

So much to learn!

Angela Becker • Jul 10, 2017

Greetings fellow educators! I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in this workshop as a digi-learner. When I learned this past spring that I would be teaching an Aquatic Ecology class this coming year, I knew that I had to take advantage of this awesome experience. Being a... more

looking forward to a interesting week of Digi Learning

Terry Adolfson • Jul 10, 2017

hi My name is Terry Adolfson and I am looking forward to this week as a digi learner not only to learn about our eco system here in the Boise Watershed area, but also from the standpoint of a digi learner as to how I might include a learning experince like this for my students.  this is my first... more

Welcome! The Adventure Begins!

Cindy Busche • Jul 10, 2017

Good morning Digi-Learners!  The workshop is off to a great start!  Our in-person teachers are getting to know the Boise River Watershed through a mapping exercise.  Look for the lesson plan 'Crumple a Paper Watershed' on the Lesson Plan tab.  They'll hear from U of I MOSS students what... more