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O'Neall Bioblitz

Brent Patch • Jun 08, 2017

We spent the morning at the ponds at O'Neall Bioreserve near McCammon Idaho collecting pictures for iNaturalist. We logged something like 700 pictures and almost 100 different species. I never thought that those ponds were back there nor did I think that the biodiversity was so robust. Another... more

Salamanders, Frogs, and iNaturalist!

Carolyn Macek • Jun 08, 2017


We had a great morning with Dr. Chuck Peterson and Dr. Rick Williams at the O'Neal Nature preserve, an ecological preserve and research site owned by ISU.   We looked for herpetological specimens, insects, and plants to take pictures of and load into iNaturalist, a great app that allows... more


Bruce Givens • Jun 08, 2017

Went to O'Neal Ecological Reserve today to count as many species of and plants and amphibians as possible. Found a bunch of tiger salamander nymphs and a couple of leopard frogs. Fun experience

MILES Project

Taylor Terlson • Jun 08, 2017

I think one of the most incredible things about this project is it bridges the gap between our natural resources available and the community. Here, teachers have the opportunity to learn all they can about the history of the Portneuf and our watershed system, along with those indicators that... more

Digital storytelling

Rosemary Smith • Jun 08, 2017

Working hard on the digital stories!