Final Workshop Assignment DUE June 16

Attached is a word document with the Final Workshop Assignment.  You can use the file, but PLEASE SAVE with this name:  yournameAL2017assignment  (for example: SmithAL2017assignment).

You... more File Pocatello AL Final Assignment 2017.docx

Pre-Workshop tasks for Friday

Step 1

Become familiar with the term “ecosystem services. Follow the link for information and check out the attached infographic made by Laura Flanagan:

... more PDF icon DigiStory.PRE_.Workshop2017.pdf

PDF icon Ecosystem services Flanagan.pdf

Blog Posts

Thursday's Assignment: the impact of MILES

Eric Rude • Jun 01, 2017

I think that the MILES projects that will have the biggest impacts on Idaho are all that relate to education, at all different levels. The Adventure Learning program will encourage teachers, possibly from kindergarten through high school, touch generations of Idaho citizens. The projects that... more

Idaho's Water Resources

Will McArthur • Jun 01, 2017

The MILES project area of study that I feel is most important is the research into our water resources!  However, I would extend it to the politically incorrect area of contamination.  Pocatello’s landfill, Union Pacific’s large diesel waste ponds and FMC’s heavy metal and radon have... more

Thursday's Assignment: Impacting Idaho's Future

Darcy Hale • Jun 01, 2017

I am excited to embark on this adventurous week and learn more about the immediate world that surrounds me, my family, and my students.  

The two videos that piqued my interest were "Portneuf's Future" and "Citizen Scientists."  I see any impact as a positive and forward progress as a... more

Welcome to the Blog

Augie Gabrielli • May 24, 2017

Welcome to the AL Blog. This is where you will post assignments and collaborate and communicate with fellow participants of the AL Pocatello Workshop. If you haven’t already head to the assignments tab at the top of the page and follow the Pre-workshop assignments for Thursday and Friday of the... more