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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Katy Swan • Jun 04, 2017

Moving to Idaho 10 years ago after being raised in Oregon my whole life was a shock and continues to be.  My law enforcement friend calls it the right to die state. With not helmet laws, seat belt laws, smoking laws, etc it sure seems like a different world than one I grew up in.  Unchecked... more

The Portneuf IS a river

Michael H. • Jun 04, 2017

The Portneuf in Pocatello IS a river.  I like the idea of drawing greater attention to this resource flowing right beside us yet often not even seen.  The project of restoring the Portneuf to a cleaner more natural river while still inside of the city is an intriguing idea.  Education is the key... more

Drink of Water Anyone?

Rebecca Jackson • Jun 03, 2017

As I read about the many ways that MILES is educating the community about the environment and our interactions with it, I think about our everyday conveniences. The amount of water we use throughout the day would be considered wasteful in other areas, but for us it's another day in the... more

OHVs + eagles = impact for us all

Michelle Carlson • Jun 04, 2017

I found the video from IDPT on the impact off highway recreational use on eagle breeding to be the most interesting of the videos chosen for use to watch.  Firstly, I can see the use of MILES research funding in active use in this program.  I also enjoyed the newer use of transponders that... more

Enough is Enough

Jay Millan • Jun 04, 2017

Moving to Idaho over a decade ago was quite a shock. I grew up on a 300 acre farm and we never had to irrigate anything. I did not even know what moving pipe meant. With agriculture being the driving force of the state's economy in Idaho, it is absolutely necessary that farmers have adequate... more