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Water - Kind of a Big Deal

Dani Summerill • Jun 04, 2017

Looks like water is a big concern for Idaho and the MILES project, and rightly so.  Whether it is the water quality of places like the Portneuf or Marsh Creek, or the availability of water in places like the Treasure Valley, it seems water is on the minds of scientists and conservationists... more


Jennifer McIntosh • Jun 04, 2017

I was not aware that so many scientists and conservationists are working on protecting our waterways and drinking water.  We have got to protect our water presently and for future generations.  If the ecosystems can't thrive, that will affect the ecosystem services that we are used to.  It may... more

Impact of MILES

Tia Talbot • Jun 04, 2017

I really enjoyed all of the videos and learning more about the eductional and conservation efforts in Idaho. My favorite part was the land owner who said that no rancher he knows wakes up planning destruction. I love that the conservation efforts are being made WITH landowners. I think it is... more

Portneuf's future:

Joel Mattingly • Jun 04, 2017

I am very pleased to see that many people, and programs like MILES have taken up the challenge to see what can be done in developing the Portneuf river as it runs through Pocatello. I live on Pocatello's west side, just a block from the unsightly aqueduct that channels the Portneuf river through... more

Thursday assignment: Water and Growth!

Carla Hansen • Jun 04, 2017

I found the video Water and Growth particular interesting since I used to live in the Boise Valley!  When My husband and I drive through there now a lot of the farmland is now sub division or business parks.  It is interesting to see what kind of land and water management is happening and will... more