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The Portneuf River Claims: "People are hard to love"

Arlyn McCulloch • Jun 04, 2017


Politicians make decisions about the government. Auto designers make decisions about future automobiles, Art critics tell us what is “good” and “bad” art.  Scientists make decisions about my environment. Wait…..my environment? The trees? The birds? The Portneuf River?

The... more

Water gold

Bruce Givens • Jun 04, 2017

 I think water as a resource in the coming years is going to be a hot topic people all over the western United States are now realizing that water might not be a renewable resource as once thought the ideas of over in Boise with the growth rate that they're seeing and the availability of water... more

Water and Idaho

Jocelyn Hayes • Jun 03, 2017

Water has always been the life blood for the citizens of the State of Idaho.  From the time the settlers made this state home, specifically the Snake River Valley, water has been used to feed families, irrigate vegetation, provide recreation while protecting the resources in the water.  The... more

"A Hard River to Love"

Brent Patch • Jun 03, 2017

When we first moved to Pocatello, we tried recreating on the Portneuf River. Hannah Sanger's statment that it is "A hard river to love" rang true with me. There are some very scenic stretches, however, others are difficult to absorb. It soon became clear to me that the river was seen as... more

MILES Impact

Josh Nielsen • Jun 01, 2017

Education and experiential activities are the best ways MILES is and will continue to impact how the citizens of Idaho manage their wonderful resources. Resources used by different user groups for different, but equally important uses. There is always a cost to us, the environment, future... more