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Make biology a game

Eric Rude • Jun 08, 2017

When you are focused on finding--and taking pictures of--as many organisms as you can, and you make it into a challenge or a game, it becomes a lot more exciting and you see a lot more! Just tell your students that you are going to take them outside to play "Pokemon Go!", but have them use... more

Just a Few Things to Watch Out For

Rebecca Jackson • Jun 08, 2017

Today we had the opportunity to visit 2 ponds located in McCammon at the O'Neill Bioreserve. There were plenty of fauna and flora to see or capture and record into iNaturalist. Some were not so human friendly items. We found cactus, tics, ants, poison ivy and trees with thorns that like to grab... more

Tuesday's Activities

Will McArthur • Jun 08, 2017

I have placed my images in chronological order.  We started just below Lava Hot Springs.  We floated down the river and then returned to our starting point to study the invertebrates in the river.  Later we traveled to the Marsh creek divergent I have placed my images in chronological order.  We... more

DigiLearners: Name that scat!

Darcy Hale • Jun 08, 2017

In one hour with my cellphone, I shot 53 observations and hit 23 different species during our BioBlitz in McCammon, ID.  I will include a couple favorite photos and a pop quiz for digital learners.  I spied 3 different piles of scat.  Digi-Learners:  Who left each pile behind do you think?

... more


Mark Daniels • Jun 08, 2017

What a fun day this morning we drove out to  O'Neall Bioreserve near McCammon Idaho. I was with the half of the class that threw on waders and wandered into the ponds with nets, we caught lots of salamanders, a few frogs and several invertebrates. We caught a freaky looking critter that turned... more