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Just a little bit of effort

Josh Nielsen • Jun 08, 2017

So wonderful to share the outdoors with those youth that just haven't been out much, and it takes so little effort sometimes. One little adventure. One little moment. One little comment. That one bit of effort, and a scientist is born; an outdoor photographer emerges. Suddenly bird watching is... more

O'Neill BioBlitz

Dani Summerill • Jun 08, 2017

Looks like your visit to O'Neill for the iNaturalist BioBlitz was a success!  I bet you could take that concept and apply it to the ecosystem around your own school.  The biodiversity might not match what you guys saw today, but I still think it would be surprising to know how many different... more

Who knew?

Jennifer McIntosh • Jun 08, 2017

Who knew a person could have so much fun mucking through muddy ponds in waders?  I caught a mole salamander in its larvae form, Dr. Petersen caught a Leopard frog and Dr. Smith caught a butterfly. There were many living creatures in those stinky ponds. What fun!!

Thanks everyone!

Joel Mattingly • Jun 08, 2017

I really don't know what to say about today and this week, that hasn't already been said in great detail, other than thanks. Thanks to everyone at Idaho Adventure learning, and M.I.L.E.S., and I.S.U., Rosemary, Laura, Kelsey, Carolyn, Rick, Chuck, Justin and his river guides from the outdoor... more

Classroom pets?

Eric Rude • Jun 08, 2017


I think it really enhances science teaching to have creatures (other than students) in the classroom. Any of you who have seen my room know what I am talking about!

So, if any of you would like some Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for your classroom, I have plenty and would be... more