Lesson Plans

This page contains lesson plans for various subjects and grade levels. Some of these lesson plans were developed as a result of an Idaho Adventure Learning workshop, while others are from external sources. Use the widgets to the right (or at bottom of this page, for smaller devices) to filter the list of lesson plans.


(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Watershed Planning Game

Topic: Ecosystem Services, Water Quantity/BudgetMicrosoft Office document icon LessonPlan.Watershe.Planning.Game_.doc

Added by: Maddie Pacold

Students plan a watershed and must account for various stakeholders. 

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Sticky Water (Intro to Water Unit- Water is a Polar Molecule)

Topic: OtherMicrosoft Office document icon Lesson Plan: Students do four mini experiments to learn about water's unique properties. (Introduction to Water Unit)
Microsoft Office document icon Student Handout for the experiments

Added by: Denise Schwendener

 An introduction to water and the role it plays in your life. Water is a polar molecule. 

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Fire ecology and management

Topic: OtherMicrosoft Office document icon fire ecology and management.doc

Added by: Mary Lugg

hands-on learning activity to discuss fire ecology and management in Idaho

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Climate Change Lab presented by Mark Robbins

Topic: Climate ChangeFile PlacebasedClimateInquiry.docx

Added by: Mary Lugg

Place-based climate change information and lab

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Salmon Collaborative Planning Scenario by Karie Boone

Topic: OtherFile Salmon Collaborative Planning Scenario.docx

Added by: Cindy Busche

Explore a collaborative planning process surrounding the topic of salmon

(Boise - Treasure Valley)  Crumple a Paper Watershed by OMSI

Topic: Geology/Mapping, Water Quality Crumple a Paper Watershed by OMSI

Added by: Cindy Busche

Using paper, markers and water, students can make a watershed relief map and see how water flows or 'sheds' off the land.

(Pocatello)  Watershed Intro and Tour Slides

Topic: Water Flow & Energy, Water Quantity/BudgetFile Watershed_HUC_tour.pptx
File Watershed pictures.pptx

Added by: Matt P

These are two very simple files of photos.  Both of these files are Moscow / Palouse specific, however, they should give you an idea of what I try to do when laying the foundations to the bigger picture of your place in the water budget. 

"water shed pictures" are the slides I use when I introduce watersheds on a global to local level and HUC numbers.

"watershed huc tour" are the slides I use for the watershed tour.